Words of Wisdom

Und dann spritzt der kalte Senf
aus dem Hals des letzten Glas'
und mit ihm stirbt ein kleines Stück Geschichte von Dijon.
Dem Senf ist es egal
doch wir wissen es genau:
Der Löffel macht viel mehr als nur das letzte Senfglas leer.


Irgendwo tief im Wald, weit abseits der üblichen Pfade stehen die geheimen Waldnachrichten an den Bäumen. Nach Wochen bitterer Kälte war es dieses Wochenende wunderbar warm und sonnig, die perfekte Gelegenheit um sie zu suchen. Als mein Bruder und ich sie das erste Mal gefunden haben, kamen wir aus einer seltsamen Richtung und auf winzigen Trampelpfaden, ich war mir sicher, dass ich sie so nicht wieder finden würde. Also habe ich versucht unseren Rückweg zu rekonstruieren und es hat am Ende weniger Suchen erfordert als befürchtet.

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Hier gibt
es keinen
Buga Zwerg
aber den Weg
nach Ballenberg

So viel kann ich sagen: Es gab dort tatsächlich keinen Buga Zwerg, aber der Rest bleibt ein Geheimnis.


Since the last blog post I have been working on the software to automate a lot of the html work for the website. It's a horrible spaghetti mess and fairly brittle right now, but it does the job, as this blog post made with it shows (So meta!).
I use a text file as a poor mans database to define the content. Here's an example of what it looks like:

Update on the state of dreamwriter.de automation
Since the last blog post I have been working on the software to automate...
#end blog
The Great Green Hippo
a goofy green hippo holding a trombone and a beer
I was thinking about religion and took a stab at inventing one of my own. This is the god of that religion.
#end picture

From that the program makes the front page, navigation, blog and all the galleries and individual picture pages. As soon as I get it in presentable shape, I'll put the thing and the documentation up on the software page.

I would also like to get a forum up. Since I have little interest in coding that myself, I'll look for a ready made solution.


And we're back!

Some twenty years ago, I ran dreamwriter.de as a personal page for my projects. Then I left school and had a lot less time on my hands, depression hit and the big content aggregators changed the way the internet looked. So I let the site waste away and gave up the domain. I put my pictures up on deviantArt and the rest of my stuff on various other platforms, or I simply did not publish it at all.

Recently I was curious if the domain was still available and how much it would cost to host a website again. It turns out: it was and less than a cup of very mediocre coffee per month! And so I’m giving this another go. Right now there’s just this blog and a bunch of pages without content. Before I put more things up, I want to write a little program to automate a lot of the busywork. The pages will most likely still be just static content, same as 20years ago, but with way less work for me :)
I could of course use one of the many solutions that already exist for this problem, but where’s the fun in that?