Dreams of Lucidity

version 0.42

the mod

Dreams of Lucidity is a mod for id softwares 1996 FPS Quake. It contains a new single player campain with new levels, new monsters, new weapons and some small tweaks to the existing gameplay. The hero of Quake goes to sleep and finds himself back in the world of Quake. Is it a dream or is the nightmare real?

entrance to dreams of lucidity
a tower rises out of the acid swamp

4 large single player maps
3 new enemies and a new boss
2 new weapons

knights guard the nailgun
flamethrower commando

Two maps, two enemies and one weapon are finished.
The rest of the enemies, weapons and one more map are partially done.

a temple waits for the sacrifice of a shambler
the flamethrower fells all enemies

This mod uses the content from original Quake by id and the map pack Scourge of Armagon by hipnotic.
It also uses the sexdroid model by Bruce Krueger.

flamethrower against knights
dark temple of Quake

version 0.42

installation and compatability

Simply unzip the files into your quake folder. If you are running the glquake version as sold by gog.com for example you can just run the included gol.bat. Otherwise run "exename -game gol +map sharksrt" in the console of your choice, but replace exename with the name of the exe you use to start Quake. The mod was developed with version 1.09 of glquake on a modern computer, but I see no reason why it shouldn't run with other versions of quake and on fairly weak computers. If you run into problems let me know.

flamethrower commando on a bridge
a spiral staircase down to the lava